We have always had a heart for our people, but when the economics of the way things are now hit home we knew we had to do something to make a difference. We were seeing our brothers and sisters being taking advantage of and being misled to believe they were a part of a business that was bringing and keeping black dollars in and to the black community. When in fact, it was just the opposite. I was very hurt to see that some blacks were still deceptive and misleading. Our people need direction.

    This is certainly not what Malcolm X, Marcus Garvey or Martin L. King would want from their people. Plus this is not keeping the black dollar in the black community.

    Thus we decided to bring you OARS. Our Alkebulan Resources Suppliers. Oars are used to paddle boats. Our thoughts were if we all got on the boat and paddled together we could all reach the same destination and change our community thus keep our dollars in our community. So we picked up our OARS and got on the boat to change lives. As we paddle the boat we are picking up our people along the way. We are on journey for change and picking up as many people as we can along the way. to 

    Financial stability and collective economic success is vital for the future prosperity and upward social mobility of Black America. How or where do we start? By building businesses owned and operated by Black America that create the Lifestyle you desire for your family. It is possible for you to build a business that provides the lifestyle that you want to live and adds to rebuilding the economy of Black America. Yes, of course it takes great planning and success to be able to create a lifestyle business, but that is why we are here to assist you along the way with promoting or starting your business. One way we help you get started is with our 0 6 60 plan. Follow the steps to the business you desire. Free E-Book 0 6 60 download at ChunasFinancial.com

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