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    Welcome to the beginning of a phenomenal, groundbreaking, life changing experience. We are creating a platform designed to uplift, educate, cultivate and motivate our people.

    We are bringing back a nation of Black Businesses selling to Black People through Our Alkebulan Resources Suppliers (OARS). OARS is a platform for Black Business Owners to sell to Black People and for Black People to purchase from Black Business owners to rebuild a nation of prosperity. OARS has a store for our people to buy and sell to and from each other , as well as channels that provide resources from and by Blacks.  OARS has channels that feature Education, Financial Literacy, Travel, Entertainment, Health & Wellness and much more. We were once the wealthiest people on earth. Our mission is to bring our wealth as a race back to our people.

    Afrika produced massive resources for our ancestors and is still producing those resources today. We as a people can and must control our resources. Which is why we must being and keep our dollars in our communities by spending our dollars with our own people.

    One of the important things we do is educating our people on how to create financial wealth by bringing the trillions of dollars we spend back to our communities around the world. On our Financial channel we teach Financial Literacy. Here are some of the ways OARS is helping with this.

    OARS Educational channel  will feature educational curriculums for our children through  our own education system to teach our children from our perspective . As we home school our children they will also learn their history. 

    OARS has a our Television network for Black film and Film Makers. Our TV network is for us to control what goes into the minds of our people mainly our children. We are providing movies and entertainment that uplifts and stimulates positivity of the mind.  

    OARS has a Health and Wellness channel. There is a focus on health and wellness with nutritionist, food shopping, meal preparations, workouts and more.

    OARS has a Travel & Entertainment channel with destinations all around the world. We feature the beautiful places around the world as well as the history and culture of those locations. We also offer tours for you to travel with us to places like Motherland Afrika and historical Egypt.

    Feature your product or service commercial on any of these channels.

    We cannot overcome oppres sion until we stop relying on the oppressor. We can no longer go on without keeping our dollars within our community. So lets band together bring our resources back to our community and rebuild our nation. 

    Start by sending us a bio of yourself and your product or service.

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  • We must wake up the gifts inside

    The Afrikan, because of the violent differences between what was native and what was slavery, developed some of the most complex and complicated ideas about the world imaginable.
    Amiri Baraka

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